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This App and Mechanics Coaching Will Help Maximize Throwing Potential for Youth, High School, and College Quarterbacks
Every Sport, Every Age, and Every Position
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How You Know This Program Is For You:

If you have searched online for solutions to improve your throwing mechanics and have not found the results you want.

If you know improving your mechanics will impact your throwing performance.

If you do not have a strategy in place to improve your throwing velocity, power and accuracy.

If getting better at throwing is important to you.

If you have had an injury or soreness from throwing.

If you are a dedicated athlete looking for REAL results.

Our main goal for these breakdowns is to make sure you are performing to the best of your ability. We give a very personalized perspective on how your moving/performing during your sport. From there we recommend corrective exercises and exercise prescriptions to fully optimize your movement.
How This Program Works

1: (2) Personalized Breakdowns a Month

These Athlete Breakdowns will help us understand your specific mechanics and give us the information we need to develop a personalized experience for you.

2 - Individual Workout Program

We have analyzed over 10,000 athletes and have spent countless hours researching the most effective workouts for you to maximize throw potential.

3 - Education

Every athlete will be given a Mechanics coach that will help guide you through this experience and make sure you are on the right track to hitting Quarterback Goals. Remember, this is more a Mechanics tool/program than it is Coaching.

4 - Accountability

Every day, week, and month you'll be given the right tools to fully understand your THROW MECHANICS! Anywhere from e-Books, to texts, to emails, to videos, etc. Our goal as a team is to provide you the most value and experience.
With Your 7 Day Trial You'll Instantly Get:
  • A Downloadable PDF Book that teaches you how to run with proper mechanics starting with pushing off of your toes all the way up to head position.
  • ¬†Speed Mechanics Video Breakdowns to show continued progress on your running and jumping mechanics.
  • ¬†Leg and Core strengthening program based on your needs all in our Speed App.
  • ¬†Footwork drills designed to make you quicker and more explosive while teaching the basic fundamentals of sprinting and jumping.
Performance Lab Members
Click the image below to watch an example online breakdowns and a testimonial from one of our Quarterbacks father.
"With Morey and the Performance Lab I was able to decrease my release time, gain 20 lbs of solid muscle, became more efficient on my back leg, and gain confidence in my in-game throwing. I now have 5+ Division 1 Offers."
Paul Pireffi 2019
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